Westin Saint Francis Hotel Glass Elevators

I’ll admit it — I felt a little dirty and devious heading to the glass elevators at the Westin Saint Francis hotel in San Francisco (335 Powell Street in the heart of Union Square) since they are used for hotel guests and aren’t technically supposed to be a tourist attraction. That feeling immediately disappeared when I was inside one and the elevator cleared the lower front building…

I received my first look at the elevators from a distance since I managed to get myself lost (something that is, unfortunately, not that unsual for me) trying to find the hotel, but that did provide a spectacular view of where I would soon be:

I fully expected to see a large line in front of them since it was a Saturday afternoon, but apparently most people fail to overcome that dirty feeling of not supposed to being there like I managed (rather easily) to do. The elevator door opened, I hit floor 31 (floor 32 wouldn’t light up for me) and zipped to the top to see a spectacular view of the city:

The only problem is that soon as you reach the top, people below that want to use the elevator send it back down (despite the temptation of hitting the red “stop” button to freeze the elevator at floor 31, I resisted). I did, however, decided I needed to take another two trips to the top (yes, I did hear my mom’s voice the entire time telling me that elevators are not toys, but it was still totally worth it). Definitely something to add to your list if you are ever in San Francisco…

Number 11 crossed off the list

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