Thankful? Do Something Positive!

For this Thanksgiving Day, instead of simply listing all the things for which I have been thankful (there are many), I decided to take action and do something positive to express this thankfulness. This year I decided to register with the National Bone Marrow Donor Program There are many ways that you can take a positive step to show your thankfulness with being a bone marrow donor only one of them. I hope you will consider stepping up and move … Continue reading

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Westin Saint Francis Hotel Glass Elevators

I’ll admit it — I felt a little dirty and devious heading to the glass elevators at the Westin Saint Francis hotel in San Francisco (335 Powell Street in the heart of Union Square) since they are used for hotel guests and aren’t technically supposed to be a tourist attraction. That feeling immediately disappeared when I was inside one and the elevator cleared the lower front building… I received my first look at the elevators from a distance since I … Continue reading

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Hugo Hotel: Howard Street Defestation

There is something about the quirky that always calls to me. I highly doubt that it would surprise anyone who knows me that when I heard about a building where there was furniture attached to the outside of the walls and hanging out of windows, it was something that I had to see. Defestation in San Francisco (corner of 6th Street and Howard Street) provided plenty of that: The only unfortunate part of the sight seeing was that the Hugo … Continue reading

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Half Marathon and Concert Completed (sort of)

I’m not sure what it is when I start these new challenges, but apparently me getting violently sick is a prerequisite. These challenges are never as easy as I think they will be… The day started off fine. I was running the race with Dana Hughes: and plenty of other people (the starting line was actually around the corner): Since we had only been training a month, we had a pretty realistic approach to the half marathon. We were going … Continue reading

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45 Things Everyone Should Do This Year

Apparently, I am always talking about all the things that I want to do, but never do them. At least that is what my sister thinks. I tried to explain that the reality is that I have so many things that I want to do that I am forced to pick and choose since there is simply not enough time to do them all, but I do accomplish quite a few of them. My sister immediately pointed out that last … Continue reading

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Experiment Blog

Welcome to Experiment Blog. The genesis of this blog comes from a sibling rivalry between me and my sister and the bets that we make. While we have had many of these bets over the years, I actually recorded for the world to see the last one when the bet was that I couldn’t Eat Well On $1 A Day. This blog has been created to document any future bets that we may have…

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